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Mini Hybrid Shopping Trolley

After 2 long years of development, the Ideso - designed Mini Hybrid Shopper for Supercart has finally been launched.

We set out to produce a trolley with a capacity of 90L that would be easy to use, have silent operation, be easy to clean, be lightweight yet robust, nest well into each other, as well as be easy and cost effective to manufacture. This trolley has a shallow basket so that you don’t have to bend down too far. The placement of the handle relative to the wheels ensures good balance for manoeuvrability. The hybrid construction makes it lightweight and silent to operate. The high density polyethylene material is tough, UV stable and relatively inexpensive. We 3D printed several prototypes to test all facets of the design before going into tooling. We needed to please both the supermarkets and their shoppers alike.

At Glen Garry Shopping Centre, trials for the “Mini Shopper Hybrid” were conducted over a period of 14 days. This was done to gain as much feedback from shoppers of various demographic backgrounds. Market research has shown 100% positive reception from shoppers.

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Winners of the ABSA creative campaign for 2014 Design Indaba

Mosquito Repellent Light(patent protected) : Winner - Lesley Stead

The Mosquito Repellent Light uses solar energy to both produce light and repel mosquitos via a high pitched frequency sound, this product is not only a great solution for camping but also minimizes your chances of getting malaria.

Heelavator : Winner - Leigh Kruger

For Busy people on the go, high heels can sometimes be a real challenge. In one simple click of a button,the “Removable Heel” has a detachable heel part that can be swapped out for something more comfortable.

Bath Gobbler : Winner - Adele de Klerk

This Bath Gobbler needs no introduction, simply throw it in your bath or any large container and watch it clean, brush and scrub.

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A giant cotton wool cloud for Axiz Workgoup

IDESO worked in collaboration with Jamdonut and Stretch Experiential Marketing to build an interactive cloud using LED’s,NFC and lots of cotton wool. The Weather cloud was created for Axiz Workgroup, at the 2014 annual Cisco Connect.

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Mellowcabs designed by IDESO features on ITWeb and Moneyweb

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