Ideso has developed what is probably the first shopping trolley designed exclusively for use in liquor stores. The design is completely unique and unlike any other trolley. Designed for trolley manufacturer Supercart, each component has been developed from the ground up.

The most distinctive and innovative part of the design is the unique shape and functionality of the basket which has an extended “tray” that has no front or side walls. This allows the shopper to place heavy items, such as a crate of beer on the trolley without having to bend down and without having to lift the heavy item into a basket as would normally be the case. (images 1,2,3 &7)

In order to strengthen this tray, a metal rectangular tube is encapsulated underneath the basket. The front area is rated to carry a mass of 40kg, but it has been tested to 120kg for safety. (images 4, 5 & 8)

Additional innovative design includes special dedicated racks inside the trolley for bottles, as well as an easy–to–reach platform for larger items.

The trolley shape is unlike any shopping trolley ever made. Our design team referred to it as the “Platypus”, during the design process. One can see why: the extended tray bears a certain resemblance. This feature, which was cleverly integrated into the trolley makes it distinctive and unique, as well as very practical and user friendly.

The basket, dividers, bottom platform and back gate are manufactured using UV stabilised polypropylene. This allows the trolley to be manufactured in colours that match the retailer’s branding. The chassis is manufactured using clear powder coated oval mild steel tube, giving the trolley an upmarket aesthetic.

The trolley was designed to carry an array of possible drinks and mix. It has dedicated areas for 6-packs of wine or beer, loose bottles and cardboard crates of drinks in or on the basket. It also has space for 2 large crates on the lower platform. (image 7)

At 589mm wide, it is narrow enough to fit comfortably into tight shopping aisles, as well as 4 side by side in a shipping container.

Nesting has been cleverly minimised to 250mm, thereby reducing the real estate that nested trolleys take up. (image 8)

The prime goal of this design was to make it ergonomic and easy to use. The extended tray has been described above. The recessed areas on the sides of this tray allow one to pick up whatever you have placed there without breaking a fingernail. (image 8). By angling the 10mm steel support rod back to the main upright, access to the bottom platform is unrestricted. Several handles were designed and experimented with to establish the most ergonomic shape. The design even has a handle on the front so that one could pull the trolley if the situation demands it.

The trolley was designed for South African conditions, where trolleys need to withstand very rough conditions indeed. For example, trolleys are regularly stolen and used by homeless people and later recovered. As such, it has been designed to withstand rough intended as well as non – intended use.

Ecological Compatibility:
All components of this trolley are made from materials that can be easily and effectively recycled. i.e: Mild steel and thermoplastic polymers.

Reality of production:
An exclusive deal with SPAR’s “Tops” liquor stores from Launch in October 2019 until the end of January 2020 resulted in an order of 10 000 units. These were all delivered in 2019. It took a record breaking 3 months to go from final design to launch.

Emotional quotient and utility.
It is unheard of that a retail store uses its trolleys to advertise their store, but this is exactly what has happened in this case. It meets and exceeds the intended purpose and needs of the user.

Due to their exclusivity deal, SPAR created a tongue in cheek advertisement and even an “automotive” review extolling the virtues of this new trolley. View them on You Tube, and judge for yourself.

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