• Winners of the ABSA creative campaign for 2014 Design Indaba

    Mosquito Repellent Light(patent protected) : Winner - Lesley Stead

    The Mosquito Repellent Light uses solar energy to both produce light and repel mosquitos via a high pitched frequency sound, this product is not only a great solution for camping but also minimizes your chances of getting malaria.

    Heelavator : Winner - Leigh Kruger

    For Busy people on the go, high heels can sometimes be a real challenge. In one simple click of a button,the “Removable Heel” has a detachable heel part that can be swapped out for something more comfortable.

    Bath Gobbler : Winner - Adele de Klerk

    This Bath Gobbler needs no introduction, simply throw it in your bath or any large container and watch it clean, brush and scrub.

Client Testimonials

Thomas Malinowski Entrepreneur

” You guys rock! Awesome! ”

Glenn Mckay SNUS Brand Executive - British American Tobacco SA

” Thanks very much for the support and continued professionalism in order to deliver this successful and very important project for SNUS.”

Dr. Riaan Conradie CEO - HealthQ Technologies

” Very inspiring and I love your vision! ”