• 3D Printed PAPR

    We are proud to announce that our first 3D printed PAPR has been delivered and has immediately been put into service.

    Developed under the guidance of Dr Ettienne Myburgh and Dr Johan Theron, IDESO has developed and designed a PAPR ( Powered Air Purifying Respirator ).
    A PAPR is a type of personal protective equipment that is used to safeguard doctors and health workers when handling patients who may have tested positive for Covid-19 or Tuberculosis.

    We have spent 2 months refining the unit to make it effective, going through several prototypes during this time. The need to protect our health workers is urgent, so we have modified the design to make it manufacturable using 3D printing, thereby cutting out the long lead time and investment required for injection moulding.

    IDESO’s PAPR utilises two DHCS - P2 filters that purify the air and filter out any particles that may contain a virus. The purified air is pumped into the mask using a 12V DC centrifugal fan. 116 litres of purified air are blown into the mask area per minute, creating positive pressure inside the mask and thereby ensuring that no contaminated air enters the mask. The rechargeable Lithium – Ion battery is capable of powering the fan for a minimum of 16 continuous hours before recharging is required.

    The PAPR can easily be adjusted to each user and is comfortable to wear for long periods at a time. We are protecting our health workers, who are at the highest risk and who are most essential in fighting the pandemic.

    For enquiries, please contact Marc Ruwiel on 0834441357

Client Testimonials

> Mokena Makeka Creative Director & M.D. of Makeka Design Lab

> ” Excellent and amazing.”

> Bill Rosenberg Owner of Tubarose

> ” I’d like to thank you too for the honest and trustworthy way in which you have conducted business with us over the years. ”

> Mike Wolfe Owner of Supercart

> ” The designs you have done are beautiful and are absolute winners ”

> Thomas Malinowski Entrepreneur

> ” You guys rock! Awesome! ”

> Glenn Mckay SNUS Brand Executive - British American Tobacco SA

> ” Thanks very much for the support and continued professionalism in order to deliver this successful and very important project for SNUS.”

> Dr. Riaan Conradie CEO - HealthQ Technologies

> ” Very inspiring and I love your vision! ”