We have been doing our bit to fight the Covid - 19 virus. Netcare 911 has called on the 3D printing community to assist in printing much needed face mask frames for their workers. Ideso is happy to be able to assist.

When it comes to face shields, one of the greatest challenges identified by both recreational and professionals alike, is having to deal with condensation. This can be most hazardous in the medical field where clear vision is required during operation. Not to mention walkers and joggers steaming up their visors when perspiring and out of breath.

By using a low voltage fan, the face shield is kept clear of condensation at all times.

Not everyone wants a face shield tied to their heads, especially when this means you have to continuously remove the shield after every social encounter.
For those who enjoy wearing their caps, an even more cost effective solution is offered. 3D printed parts are clipped on to your cap whereby a visor shield then mounts onto the clips creating a simple yet convenient face shield.