A campaign created by Jupiter Drawing Room for Absa’s sponsorship of the Design Indaba, help inspire people to take their creative ideas further and make it a reality, in some cases help a few along the way by physically bringing their ideas to life.

“Make Think become did”, the Tagline used in Absa’s campaign, encourages delegates to inspire others by using an APP for tweeting their ideas at the conference. A hub of pre-selected illustrators guided by IDESO, turn each original idea submitted into a concept illustration. Using the APP to tweet their ideas, delegates earn design dollars. These design dollars are used to purchase the illustrations which are printed on a multitude of items found on Absa concept store.

After each Day, one illustration is selected by a panel of judges, this original Idea, is taken further and finalized into a tangible product by IDESO.


Mosquito Repellent Light(patent Protected) : Winner - Lesley Stead

The Mosquito Repellent Light uses solar energy to both produce light and repel mosquitos via a high pitched frequency sound, this product is not only a great solution for camping but also minimizes your chances of getting malaria.

Heelavator : Winner - Leigh Kruger

For Busy people on the go, high heels can sometimes be a real challenge. In one simple click of a button,the “Removable Heel” has a detachable heel part that can be swapped out for something more comfortable.

Bath Gobbler : Winner - Adele de Klerk

This Bath Gobbler needs no introduction, simply throw it in your bath or any large container and watch it clean, brush and scrub.