Team Ideso was ecstatic when we were awarded the prestigious Most Creative Stand award at the 2014 Design Indaba. The team put a lot of love and energy into the interactive timeline which acted as a giant ‘wire loop game’. The objective was to get to the end without touching the metal tube and setting off the alarm. Many tried and failed whilst others triumphed at the game which demanded immense patience, concentration, and of course a steady hand.

Ideso collaborated with designer Si Maclennan to realise the timeline graphics that detailed some of the significant achievements in the company’s colourful history. Si also designed a series of pictograms of the Ideso team, to help put faces to the Ideso family on our business cards and contact forms.

Thank you to Interactive Africa and their amazing team for putting together another fantastic expo! We are honoured to have our characterful yarn-bombed award on display in all its glory in our office. See you next year.

Si Maclennan